OMNI Cribs at Lunar’s HQ

Lunar is a digital bank, challenging the framework set out by traditional banks. Disruption is key. Both to the foundation of Lunar’s business model and in their office space. They are not tied to traditional banking culture or language. Although being a bank, they do not have branches. They have offices — in a modern sense.

Apollo 11, Sputnik 1, and Østergade, Copenhagen. What is the common denominator? An astronaut has inhabited all of these places. Although the astronaut at Lunar’s Copenhagen HQ is in the form of posters and neon lighting, it still represents the astronaut’s dream. To reach the moon. Space comparisons do not stop here. Grey touchpoints create associations with the moon landscape. And while the office is spacious, it does not lack atmosphere.

The sunlight entering from the rooftop windows illuminates the 70+ employees working here. The culture of Lunar is embedded in this office. A young and dynamic enterprise, reflected in the interior design choices. Furniture merges classical old-world European with Scandinavian modern, resulting in a unique vibe.

Replaced is the clinical feeling of entering a corporate office. Instead, it is an office that captures the wave of what many modern enterprises are trying to do. The Lunar office is a stimulating workspace. Very much in line with the philosophy at OMNI. 👏🏻

Employees have plenty of mobility options. One can choose to work standing or move away from the desk. Routines can be complemented with a visit to the in-house gym, which also functions as a meditation space.

Brand consistency is very important in trying to build a culture. This is considered in the design choices made by Lunar. The message to the outside is clear; they are a techy, modern organization, and they are here to leave a mark.

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