OMNI Cribs at Simple Feast's HQ

Arriving outside of Simple Feast’s address, one might not imagine how inside the raw, industrial-looking building, there is a bustling food-tech company. In fact, walking into the building, one’s olfactory receptors get rather confused: “Am I at a restaurant or an office?” The smell of delicious food hits you, as you walk into the 625m2 of cool office space, and here is why:

Simple Feast started as an app, but in 2017, they decided to produce actual food as well. Today, they have 140 employees, of which 117 work out of their new HQ on Refshaleøen in Copenhagen, Denmark.

OMNI visited Andreas Weiland, Head of Design, who is responsible for all the visual touch points you have with the Simple Feast brand, and Josephine Winther-Mikkelsen, Head of People & Talent, who focuses on their employee experience.

Andreas Weiland explains some of the thoughts behind their office design and their new HQ setup:

“Our product is all about sustainability, so our work environment should be as well, which is why we also consulted with outside resources, so we could ensure that we were approaching the task holistically when creating our HQ,” Andreas says.

As part of the efforts, Simple Feast also included Atelier Axo’s architects, Rose Hermansen and Caroline Sillesen, when converting the enormous empty shell of a building into an impressive two-floor HQ.

The idea was to turn the new home of Simple Feast into an integrated house, and this would be achieved by mixing all their disciplines in one place.

Previously the production was in Greve, 35 km outside of Copenhagen, but since the idea was to create one whole entity, they brought the production directly downstairs and built in an entire floor to separate the production area with the office area, so everyone could be included under the same roof.

“There must be transparency and honesty in everything we do, and we wanted that to be expressed in the design of our space,” says Andreas.

The restaurant downstairs is used for their daily employee lunches, but it can also be turned into an event space, available for the public to book as well. They wanted to have a way to support the local ecosystem and promote community and sustainability, and they are currently working to create a large terrace outside for outdoor events.

Their integrated innovation kitchen upstairs can be seen from the downstairs restaurant and event space, and this was intended to be another way to create a sense of transparency in the development process of their new plant-based dishes and products.

Simple Feast also reuses their leftover food from production for their company and employee lunches and also give leftover food away to e.g. schools and hospitals.

“We take responsibility through the entire value chain, from the food to the lining in the lid of the container it is in,” Andreas adds.

Part of their sustainable approach is also reflected in terms of their work-life balance at the office. Employees can work from home as much as they want, and the company has runnings clubs, yoga classes, and movement and mobility training.

Since the building is right by the water, their CEO, Jakob Jønck, literally rows to work in his kayak some days, while Andreas keeps his surfboard at work for a sunny day.

To be conscious of their use of materials, they installed a bamboo floor in the office area, and their sound isolation materials come from repurposed plastic bottles.

Simple Feast is very happy with the results, but remains open for feedback from employees, so they can continue to adjust and improve the space. Josephine adds that they have also employed the services of another Danish startup, Peakon, to discern their efforts and to continually improve employees’ work-life balance and engagement.

Now that is a truly cool Office Crib!

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Photography by Karstensen Fotografi/Ourcreativeplace.

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