The time has come to rethink offices

When Apple announced their new headquarters in Cupertino, office workers from all over the world found themselves wondering what the inside of that gleaming new spaceship might look like. And what it would be like to fly that spaceship. By doing so, they took part in the modern day equivalent to Cinderella's daydreaming: “Oh, the castle halls, how the tapestry flows, the chandeliers!”. Alas, it was but an unattainable dream.

What caused our longing sighs anyway? Was it the idea of being part of an extremely revered company - an elite movement even - propelling our world towards superhuman horizons? Or did  we simply yearn to feel what it’s like to be shrouded by stratospheric luxury in a splendid co-working Eldorado where mavericks roam free? “Picture you here, suddenly elevated”.

Here’s something to consider: Apple’s witching hour might actually be over. They’ve brought their supremely innovative products to the world and is now more concerned with preserving dominance and fighting off Huawei.

The good news is that the world is brimming with people who harbor incredible ideas. People who have the potential to be mavericks themselves. You might have guessed the cheesy fact that I’m talking about people like you and me.

Because when we are the best versions of ourselves, we feel that not-easily-defined simmer of unlimited potential underneath our skin. Now, the onus is on us to save those ideas from jaded reality.

What we long for is to have the tools, environments, and fortuitous circumstances that can help us fulfill our true potential. We long for a state where striving is the standard setting and ambitious endeavors just another modus operandi. There’s nothing wrong with settling for less, of course, but someone or something should really make it harder for us to do so - make it harder for us to compromise our true goals and dreams.

It’s worth noticing that people have a hard time changing habits. We try the best we know, but some will have lost faith in improvement altogether. And since cumulative neglect of personal goals breeds the apathy of desillusion, we seek a magical shift of gears. Remember the last time you fell in love? How you saw yourself in a different light - through the eyes of your chosen stranger? And all of a sudden, self mobilization came naturally. You were in an elevated state.

State of being can be staged for continuous development. When our surroundings exude meaning and measured excellence, a touch of excellence is automatically transferred onto us. The food at Michelin restaurants is not all decidedly better than home cooking, but inspirational ambition and exquisite interior will convince you to fill the gaps. Spaces do define people.

The ancient Greeks used a specific term to describe self excellence. The word
arete conveys how every phenomenon heeds its innate propensity for being better at being itself. Some horses are surprisingly bad at being horses, for they somehow contradict our notion of the ideal horse.

Arete is frequently associated with bravery, but more often with effectiveness. The person of arete is of the highest effectiveness; he or she uses all their faculties - strength, bravery, and wit - to deliver on their promise; achieving the bliss of purposefulness.

Nobody wants to be wastefully incongruent with the ideal version of themselves, but life is strewn with obstacles keeping us from that most obvious of goals. We need help from outside ourselves.

OMNI was formed to democratize elevated states. Nobody can stage the luck and timing of fortuitous circumstance, but we can make the most ideal tools and environments accessible, enabling all people to pursue their arete, equipped and inspired.

We want to offer the wealth of options that no wealth can buy. Because being elevated can only feel light if it comes saturated with freedom. By looking promising, companies and individuals alike, express the belief that gears for growth.

The age of ownership is over. The age of a more savvy access economy and profound experience culture has begun.

People envy friends who work at “cooler” places. What’s more, office ambiance is the second most prominent reason for quitting a job. This is not because people are picky snobs. We simply spend the best hours of our numbered days at work, slaving away. When offices look like industrial stables, the underlying view of humanity should be challenged.

It matters less who you work for - if you’re self-employed or star employee of the “it” company - the law of input-output equality speaks for itself. When the work context defines our lives to this extent, we should waste no time working in less than ideal ways. For the sake of the quality of our work and the quality of our lives.

By engaging with OMNI’s workplace design, you’ll see what it’s like to fly the spaceship of your own imaginations and experience how design and functionality combine in hitherto unexplored ways - for a better future of work.

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