Why get OMNIfied


We curate and circulate
beautiful, high-quality products
that will live on, long after you’re done.


You save a lot of time and hassle
on planning, delivery, assembly,
changing, fixing, and replacing.


You get financial flexibility
by subscribing on a monthly basis,
instead of buying and throwing out.

Furniture as a Service = Flexibility


After your initial period, you can always renew at a discount.



Add or upgrade to fit your changing needs.



When you return something, we fix it up for new happy users.

Did you know?

7.4 hrs/wk is the maximum an employee can legally work from home without being offered a proper workstation.

A proper furniture setup is just as important to employees as IT equipment in order to perform well.

Why subscribe rather than own

Our subscription model allows for people to access far more attractive office setups,
made with high-quality materials in unrivaled designs.

Subscription provides true convenience and flexibility, so employees can instantly access a superior work experience for as long as they need.

By circulating and reusing furniture, we honor craftsmanship and sustainability, which in turn elevates the work experience all the more.

“Change the way you work” echoes Rilke’s 1908 line “You must change your life”. The famous imperative was written vis-a-vis a torso of Apollo, who’s innate brilliance provided the masterful poet with a strong, inspirational moment of power.

The purpose of OMNI is to facilitate such moments and turn these into states of being. Yearning to become a better you needs a helping hand. So we’ve thought of every significant factor that can improve and elevate your work experience.

Add your plan details

Changing your plan length will change pricing & availability