Barber Lunch Area
Barber Lunch Area
Barber Lunch Area

Barber Lunch Area

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J45 Chair

So fresh it could have been designed yesterday, the J45 dining chair can actually claim nearly 70 years of history. Børge Mogensen brought it to life in 1950, creating a timeless design that maintains its attraction to this day. In its early days, this chair was revolutionary. It also happens to stand out from the slightly squarer chairs and sofas that Børge Mogensen would later become known for. But the J45 has achieved the status of a trademark work, illustrating a beautiful interplay between nature and design. The chair's distinctive backrest forms an organic shell with a slight spring and lean, making it very comfortable to sit in.

C35C Table

Poul M. Volther created the C35C table in 1957. The wide tabletop offers a comfortable space. The slightly inclined legs to the outside gives a great stability.

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